Questions which are Asked, Frequently.

The Book It Forward Event is an opportunity to purchase a special code that will allow you to book a stay at any Endeavor2 property for 25% – 75% off the standard rates. 

Yes – the BIF (Book It Forward) code costs 10% of the discounted cost of your stay . . . 

It depends on how much your reservation costs – we’ll give you your BIF code as soon as you reply back that you want it. Once you have it, you’ll go on our site to book your trip. After you’ve booked your trip, we’ll bill you for 10% of the reservation cost (not including any other taxes and fees). 

We’ll send you your personalized code for free, you’ll book your trip on our site (at a 25% – 75% discount), and then we’ll charge you for the BIF code, which will be 10% of the total cost, not including any taxes or fees. This will be a separate charge and will be due after you complete your booking.

Your check-in date must be in 2020 or 2021. 

Start your stay as soon as possible! Here’s how it works:

For any check-in date:

  • Before 5/31/20: 75% off 
  • Between 6/1/20 – 8/31/20: 35% off
  • Between 9/1/20 – 2/28/21: 50% off
  • Between 3/1/21 and 12/31/21: 25% off

No – the BIF code itself is non-refundable, the rest of the trip is. Of course, that’s a small risk to take as the code unlocks 25% – 75% discounts on your next stay.

There’s no transfer fee, cancellation fee, change fee, or any other type of fee to modify or cancel your reservation. If you have to change your dates, for any reason, you are free to do so. Just remember, even if you change dates, your stay must begin by the end of 2021. 

Besides the cost of the BIF code, we’re making it as easy to book as possible, so most likely you won’t need to pay an initial payment. However, it depends on how soon your reservation begins from the time when you book:

For check-in dates

  • more than 60 days from now your trip deposit is 10% 
  • between 30 – 59 days, your initial payment is 25% of the reservation
  • less than 30 days, you’ll pay the full cost of the reservation

Remember the BIF code is separate from your reservation and will be billed after you book your reservation.

The remaining open balance for all reservations will be charged 30 days prior to your check-in date. 

Absolutely (and you are a really good friend!), just reply back to the email and we’ll send you the BIF code. Once you have it, you can send it to your friend for a one-time use. You can also buy more than one! 

No harm, no foul! If we send you the code, but you never book a stay, there’ll be no charge whatsoever!

Email or TEXT (only) us at (619) 304 – 6327. 

As this is an invite only event for previous guests (and their friends/families), just reply back to the email you received and let us know you are ready to go. We’ll send you the code and you can START LOOKING!