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Endeavor2 is a full stack hospitality company covering the entire short-term rental ecosystem. As investors and owners, we understand maximizing your asset while minimizing your risk. Let Endeavor2 unlock your properties highest and best use. 

An Introduction to STRs

From Our CEO

Our CEO, Nick Jacobson, gives a quick introduction to Short-Term Rentals (STRs) and why you’re missing out if you don’t have your property available in the short-term marketplace. 

a better use
Why Short-Term Rentals

Simply put, with a short-term rental you’ll achieve maximum value for your property. Increase your cash flow, your NOI, and your asset value all by making the switch to STRs. Plus, with full-service asset management by Endeavor2,  we’ll do the work.

A short-term rental takes advantage of shorter lease periods, allowing each guest to pay more. With the right level of occupancy, owners earn significantly more on their investment.

If cash flows go up, it makes sense that net operating income goes up as well. While there is an increase in expenses, it is more than offset – sometimes substantially so – by the increase in monthly revenue.

Especially for apartment operators, if your NOI increases, then your value is sure to follow. With cap rates being an important value indicator in multi-family sales, increasing NOI means more money when selling at prevailing cap rates. 

Have you ever wished you could stay in your house for a weekend? Or maybe a family or friend is in town and could use a place for a while – either way, with STRs, you gain the flexibility to control occupancy in ways never possible before. Plus, with every increasing threats of rent control and other goverment measures, being a STR means no long-term tenants. Let missed payments, vacancies, turn-overs, and evictions be a thing of the past. 

Building an effective listing takes experience and knowledge of the market. Beyond the creation of the listing itself, it also needs to be exposed to the right channels (channel examples are Airbnb, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, etc.). Endeavor2 has the knowledge and experience to build your listing, package it all together, and manage it on the most channels to maximize exposure. 

One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of short-term rentals is working with guests. As you can imagine, questions and issues may arise any time of day or night and it’s crucial that communication occurs 24/7. Endeavor2 takes this challenge and creates additional opportunities to further enhance the experience of your guests, meaning they’ll come back time and time again. 

One major concern of all property owners is the condition of their property. This is all the more of a concern when the property is a short-term rental. Unfortunately, this is more myth than fact. The very nature of STRs allows us access to your property on a frequent basis, as opposed to yearly or less with long-term rentals. In other words, if there is a problem needing attention, we’ll identify it and fix long before it becomes a much bigger – and expensive – issue. Compare that to long-term rentals where it could be a year – or longer – before you find out a problem and the answer is clear. Short-term rentals are the safe choice when it comes to property care and maintenance and Endeavor2 has an in-house staff capable of handling most items as they come up. 

Looking for a way to get “free” management? Effective yield management (i.e., setting the rental prices correctly) adds an additional 10% – 40% of revenue each and every year. Endeavor2’s yield algorithm changes pricing up two twice a day, every day of the year. Our algorithm is based on millions of supply and demand data points constantly being updated so your property generates the most revenue possible on any given day. It’s not a stretch to say that effectively managed pricing by us means “free” management for you. 

One of the more complicated aspects of short-term rentals – and very often overlooked – is accounting. With so many renters throughout the year, plus repair costs, supply costs, and other income and expenses, the accounting can quickly become overwhelming. Endeavor2 is deeply versed in all accounting procedures and will provide a monthly owner statement, plus online access for you to review your property’s performance at any time.  

Our Services
What We Do

There’s no doubt that operating a short-term rental is hard work. It’s much more involved than any long-term renter will ever be. Endeavor2 is a full service STR asset management company. From marketing, guest management, maintenance protocols, to revenue management and accounting, we handle the entire process so you can enjoy the all the benefits without the hassle. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our partners take our motto “take to the open road” quite seriously. They are adventurers at heart – willing to strike out at moment’s notice to see what’s just beyond the horizon. They are also investors – investors wanting to open up their properties and homes to others experiencing the joy of travel while maximizing the returns and profitability of their assets. From vacation home owners to small-to-mid sized apartment owners, our partners are looking to generate the greatest profit on their invested dollar. At the same time, many of our partners also want to maintain the use of their properties for themselves, friends, and families. Partnering with Endeavor2 allows for a plethora of options that best suit your goals. No matter your reason, Endeavor2 strives to ensure the greatest return with maximum flexibility while protecting your property at the same time. Last, but not least, our partners want Endeavor2 to do the heavy lifting of short-term property management and that’s just what we do. 

There’s no cost to start partner with Endeavor2. We provide our services for a percentage of the gross booking revenue that’s paid after reservation checks out. 

We can furnish your place if you would like. The cost will still fall to you, but we can bring in our team to design and furnish your property. This would be a separate cost and can be discussed if you’re interested. Typically, the properties in our portfolio are already furnished, but we have managed the furnishing process numerous times and just need to be notified that’s the case. 

Absolutely – in fact, we think small to mid-size apartment buildings are the next frontier in short-term rentals. We find that hotels, and the hospitality industry in general, have a lot of drawbacks that apartment buildings do not have. On top of this, we know that converting your building to short-term rentals will increase your NOI (net operating income) by 25% – 100% or more. If you’ve even wondered what could change with an STR building, let us know and we’ll generate a custom revenue projection for you to review. The numbers are real – we’ve seen it ourselves as real estate investors too. 

We do have an agreement between Endeavor2 and our partners. However, all of our partners are able to cancel the agreement with Endeavor2 with a 30 day notice. We don’t lock you into a 12 month (or longer!) contract. We earn your business month in and month out and never take a day off earning that business. 

Every city and jurisdiction is different. We will make sure your property is in an area where it is legal to operate and, if necessary, help you apply for the required permits to operate legally. 

Call us at 619-806-3933 or fill out the form and we’ll contact you within 24 hours to set up a home appointment. In these pandemic times, we are conscious of social distancing and masking rules, so we’ll make sure that all mandates are followed and adhered to. If it’s not possible to meet in person, we can set up a virtual Zoom meeting to discuss your home and your need and see if we are a good match. 

Once we have signed the agreement, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated Account Partner (“AP”) who will be your point of contact for you during your partnership with Endeavor2. Your AP will work closely with you and learn everything about your property so that we can answer guest questions and handle all maintenance issues that may come up. Your AP will also set up the professional photo shoot that’s part of the process and, once those are received back, we’ll build your property’s listing and publish it online. 

It really depends on where we start. If your property just needs to be photographed and listed, the process can be as short as 2 – 3 days. If we’ll be helping you furnish and prepare your listing, it can be 2 – 4 weeks. Our intention is to get it listed as soon as possible. 

One of the main concerns of property owners that we work with is the security of their property. As property owners ourselves, we understand this competely. Endeavor2 has welcomed thousands of guests over the years on thousands of reservations. We have learned the red flags and apply them to your property. On top of our own experience, we also take a small security deposit which covers the majority of issues. Lastly, we utilize various insurance programs and guarantees that ensure any damage and liability is covered in the extremely rare event it’s needed. 

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